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    Portfolio Building

    Welcome to the Portfolio-building area. This is the place that has support and help for those who are working on qualifications which are gained through portfolio building - for example an NVQ or teaching qualilification.

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    The essential parts of a portfolio 

    Your portfolio is your record which shows that you have covered the requirements of your qualification standards, together with any supporting evidence. A neatly laid out portfolio will help you and your assessor know the progress being made with the qualification. It is suggested that you use a 'lever arch file' with 'file dividers' to ensure it is laid out tidily.

    To help you produce your portfolio, your tutor will provide you with advice and guidance as to the best way to present your evidence.

    The contents of a portfolio are normally laid down by the Awarding Body (e.g. City and Guilds and OCR) and will be described in your qualification standards which will have copies of the forms you need.

    The links below explain what is needed in a portfolio.

  • Topic 2

    How a learner is assessed

    This document looks at what is invovled in the assessment process.  It is particularly relevant if you are doing an NVQ but much of it applies more generally as well.